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Waterproofing gasket looks like a tape, produced from plasticized PVC, used for waterproofing of welds,  joints of different construction.
For waterproofing of different kinds of joints they are usually use gaskets. Unstable foundation of the building can be a result of poor waterproofing , this is what makes our product neccessary for all kinds of buildings. It is times more simple and easy to work out the waterproofing properly, than waste lots of material and physical resources for the correction of the deficiencies.
Waterproofing gasket is used in monolythic building (nowadays, one of the most prosperous technologies of building). Today, it is hard to imagine laying of foundation without using gaskets. Reinforced concrete constructions are used in practically all buildings, that is where gaskets are used more often. Reinforced concrete constructions are highly popular in professional builders' sphere because of high technical and economical characteristics, efficiency and high strength. Waterproofing properties are reached with the use of gaskets. Proper foundation waterproofing works allow to save much on further building maintenance and on strengthening and reinforcing of the basement. Gasket helps to improve durability of reinforced concrete constructions and, as a result, period of building's service life is longer. Often, it is careless attitude to waterproofing which is the result of gradual progressive destruction of the foundation. Gasket is so easy in installation, that waterproofing turns into rather easy work. We produce gaskets at our own factory in the vicinity of Moscow. We are ready to offer you gaskets of russian manufacture for less price than foreign analogues. Besides of that kind of product you can find other PVC products on our website
Our company can offer you manufacturing of PVC profiles, which have many advantages and are widely used in building and finnishing works.

Gasket is produced as tapes of specialized plasticized PVC or other flexible materials.



Gaskets for movement joints waterproofing

Waterproofing gasket

Gaskets for surface movement joints waterproofing

Gaskets for surface final welds waterproofing

Gaskets for final welds water proofing

Gaskets for final welds waterproofing


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