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Plastic plinth of different types and colours-always on the sale

Antiskid tape

Antiskid tape

We produce a wide range of products from PVC. Using different chemical compositions and formulas, production of profiles with required characteristics, which will fit for using in required conditions, is held in short period rather easy. The production is held only from high-quality primary products, under permanent control of our specialistes, which guarantees its safety for humen, as wellas for enviornment. Our articles are noteable for theirs high quality, the guarantee period of our production is twice longer than analogues have. Antiskid tape is widely used inside as well as outside. It is installed on practically any of the smooth surfaces: tile, concrete, angle, metal, laqued wood, granite and others. Can be easily used on footsteps,  in medical establishments, on scene edges, in pools, on decks, in stock and factory spaces. Often antiskid tape is used in  crowded places with high passability. Antiskid tape is neccesary, as slippery surfaces are not so rare: supermarket floors, footstep surfaces. And the higher the passability of the room, the higher is the risk of traumas. Installation of this profile is important for every establishment, as it is better to install the protection than to loose a client because of the slippery floor. Antiskid tape decreases the risk of trauma. Plastic tape is far more durable than its analogues from other materials. And it is not the only advantage in compare with other articles. For example, the installation of our protection takes less time and doesn't require special skills or equipment. Transpotation of the tape can be easily held in a small car because it is delivered in rolls. A great advantage of our antiskid tape is its hard core, which provides a great durability.
Manufacturing of this tape on our own factory in the vicinity of Moscow is held with a use of high quality materials-plasticized PVC. This material is notable for its ecological advantages, and our production is easy-to-install and durable. We are ready to offer our clients one of the best prices on market.



Antiskid tapes (self-adhesive)

Antiskid tape GS 23

Antiskid tape Flex 27

Antiskid tape Flex 48

Antiskid tape
GS 23

Antiskid tape
Flex 27

Antiskid tape
Flex 48

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