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Make an order on producing PVC profile.

Plastic plinth of different types and colours-always on the sale

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Manufacturing profiles is our specialization

Handrails, covers

Hockey grounds, bowling 


Packings, molding fillets, platbands 

Bordering of stairs,

Sport facilities

plinth systems


Producing and repair
of doors and windows


Bumper, dampers

Bordering, junction profile

Price holders, lamp protection

Gaskets, final welds


for boats and yachts,
car dampers


Commercial and

Joint waterproofing
in bulk concrete


Manufacturing profiles

Our company successfully works since 1999. Main production activity of "First Profile Factory" is manufacturing profilesand further sale. Plastic profiles is production, corresponding to extrusion moulded strips.
Manufacturing such kind of building materials is a process of extra high technology, which requires great professionalism. Manufacturing profiles implies work with amorphous feedstock, which creates additional difficulties in manufacturing.
High quality PVC compounds are used for producing - hard, foamed and plasticized. PVC plastics possess sufficient mechanical durability,water-resistance, electrical insulating properties, good chemical resistance, as they do not dissolve in petrol and kerosene, acid and alkali resistible, good looking, easy-to-cut, to form, to weld and to glue.
Manufacturing profiles at our factory is conducted by means of real professionals. Manufacturing is rather adaptable, we have an opportunity to produce wide range of profiles, both standard and special profiles (by your drawings). We offer you a wide choice of colours – nearly all classical RAL, set of structures on the most exacting taste , and, of course, profiles of different sizes. Here you can find a profile you searched for a long time. We are excellent and reliable partners.
Our technology of producing guarantees wide range of  profiles. Nowadays, sale of profiles of different types is carried out: hard, soft or foamed PVC. Manufacturing of our production is mainly held in Russia, as it allows to lower costs,but we also cooperate with our foreign partners
Low cost of manufacturing materials for building and finishing works allows us to carry out selling under the most attractive prices. Competitors also are engaged in realisation of building materials and decorative elements, but not on such favourable conditions as our company. Buying profiles in our company is a great way of choosing PVC production, which exactly corresponds to your need. Delivery is carried out quickly to any of the parts of Russia. Both self-delivery or delivery with transport company service is possible.
Selling profiles is carried out more than 12 years, all this time we productively cooperate with different partners and we are glad to start working with new ones .

Main production of our company:

Plastic plinth
Junction and bonding profile 
Antiskid footstep covering
Angles for tiles
Hard and soft angle
Plinth tape (soft plinth)
Concrete product (profile)
Profile for commercial and refrigeratory equipment
Furniture profile

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