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Plastic plinth of different types and colours-always on the sale

Plastic soft angle

PVC angle

Produced from plasticized PVC soft angle can be used for finishing straight angles of the walls as well as for arch openings. We are ready to offer you a wide range of this product. The appearance can vary according to the structure, colour and size. Practically any colour from the classic RAL table can be produced. Nowadays, RAL classic is the most popular palette, which is known worldwide since 1927. Today it consists of 213 shades. Also, PVC angle can be laminated or coloured. White plastic angle or coloured plastic angle, it will fit the interior perfectly.
This angle is not only a protective and finishing, but also a decorative element. Even the structure of the wooden cut can be given to the angle. Besides everything stated above, this article is really easy-to-use. The installation is held with a use of special glue. That is why soft PVC angle is widely used in modern building and finishing works . PVC elastron can not be damaged with hard strikes, thats why it is reccomended to use it in the places, where the risk of damages is higher. The angle can be used not only in finnishing of the walls, but also for cupboards, tables and other furniture.
Produced from soft elaston, PVC platband does not absorb moist, does not rot, does not fade, which elongates the period of use.

Plastic angle is produced from soft polyvinyl chloride.


Plastic soft angle

Plastic soft angle P 208

Plastic soft angle Plastic soft angle KU 24 Plastic soft angle KU 15 Plastic soft angle KU 12

Soft angle
P 208

Soft angle
KU 40

Soft angle
KU 24

Soft angle
KU 15

Soft angle
KU 12



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