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Make an order on producing PVC profile.

Plastic plinth of different types and colours-always on the sale

 Изготовление пластикового профиля

"First Profile Factory" team, taking our own experience in PVC profiles production of many years as a basement, and always studying our foreign partners' experience, got necessary skills, tools, moulds for profiles production with required sizes and features under customers' drawings. Our customers are usually manufacturers of different equipment, who need special profiles with substandard construction and required features of materials and main sizes to be produced.

Profile pvc for traiding     

Production of PVC profiles implies a number of steps, which can be represented as following:

1. Technical requirements specification (1-2 work weeks):
- filling in the TRS sheet
- choosing the material (PVC elastron)
- prepairing the profile drawing
- signing the contract on carrying out the technological production prepare and supplement of the profile

2. Producing mould for production of plastic profile(3-4 weeks):
- preparing drawing of mould
- choosing mould material
- mould test and improvement

3. Producing a test party of profile (1-2 weeks):
- getting test samples
- mould impovement (if required)
- test samples approval

4. Producing the required party of plastic profiles.

Thereby, you can get a party of high quality profile, which responds to all of your demands, under the short terms and most profitable prices. Producing plastic profiles is what we deal with for more than 12 years. Experience, strong industrial partnership and use of most up-to-date technologies and equipment is exactly what makes us irreplaceable partners in PVC branch. You are always welcome to address to our company and get a professional advice according to possible solutions of your task.

Besides that, our company can offer you other necessary profiles for building industry : w-shaped profile, PVC platband, antiskid tape and many other materials.

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