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Impingement plate

Защитный профиль для стен

Impingement plate for walls, as well as protecting cover, is installed on the walls in premises with high passability: in hospitals, schools, universities, and even in berthing spaces. It is especially needed in places with high probability of wall damage. With installation of this plate, you will be able to extend the service life, thereby, it makes it possible to save much on further repair. Impingement plate, produced from PVC, is highly durable and has a long service life. Exactly producing the protecting cover from soft plasticized PVC makes this cover TS 160 extremely efficient.It is worth marking an absolute ecological compatibility of the impingement plate, that is what exactly makes its installation so popular in medical and commercial establishments.Impingement plates are easy-to-install, in case of damage it is easy to replace it. Thanks to delivery TS 160 in rolls, wastes during installation are minimized, and you can have an additional opportunity to save. Call us and you will be surprised with our production prices.

Impingement plate can be produced from plasticized PVC as well as from hard PVC. This material is widely used in different industrial branches. PVC, with its popularity is obliged to its number of advantages. Using different compositions and formulas, it is possible to produce practically any profile,which will satisfy all technical requests, for example soft PVC plinth or F-shaped profile. Such articles are really efficient and unpretentious in maintenance.

Impingement plate   Impingement plate      Торец  защтного профиля TL 160      Shockproof profile angle TL 160  
Impingement plate
TS 160
   Impingement plate
TL 160
    Butt end for
TL 160
    Angle for
TL 160

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