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Make an order on producing PVC profile.

Plastic plinth of different types and colours-always on the sale

Soft PVC plinth

Мягкий плинтус

Flexible PVC plinth - plinth tape

We are glad to offer you flexible plinth for decoration and finishing.This plinth is usually used in public spaces. Soft PVC plinth helps to avoid wall damages while cleaning. Production of flexible plinth in rolls give an opportunity to low the costs on installation.Such plinth is oftenly used for walls with round shape and for bordering the columns. Thanks to its soft structure and delivering in rolls this product is so easy in installation on unstandard surfaces, which becomes more complicated with the use of any other types of this product.
Soft PVC plinth is usually used for decorating the interior. The place of installation is an are of junction between the wall and the floor, such usage of the product avoids wall damages while dry and moist cleaning. Such plinth is easily installed on the required surfaces - it is possible even by workers without special skills. It is easy and quick in installation-thanks to the permanent availability of a contact glue on our stock. After double-faced putting of the glue with a special trowel, plinth closely holds on the wall. Compliance with the instructions guarantees long service life   and durability of the softest PVC plinth. THis plinth perfectly fits even the most elegant interior and helps to make it unique. Special features of the manifacture gives an opportunity to give our plinth in practically any shade, it makes it possible to choose the product, which fits your requires. Besides that, our production is absolutely safe for the enviornment.




skirting board for curved walls

  Flexible skirting board    Buy soft skirting board 

Flexible skirting board - Skirting tape


Мягкй плинтус ПВХ JL150 
Plinth tape
JL 150
 Мягкий плинтус JL 100
Plinth tape
Гибкие плинтусы JL60-1PC 
Plinth tape
 Мягкий плинтус пластиковый JL 55x20
Plinth tape
JL 55x20 
Мягкий плинтус пластиковый JL 38x38
Plinth tape
JL 38x38
Гибкий плинтус TS 160 
Plinth tape 
TS160 125x35
 Мягкие плинтуса TS160 80x80 
Plinth tape
 TS160 80x80
Плинтусная лента наличник WJL60 
Plinth tape
WJL 60
   Мягкие плинтуса RP JL 40
Plinth tape
RP JL 40

Plinth tape



Main colours of plinth tape

Soft plinth  - colour 410 white
RAL 9010
Soft plinth  - colour  light grey
RAL 7040
Soft plinth  - colour  agate grey
RAL 7038
Soft plinth  - colour grey
RAL 7046
Soft plinth  - colour dark-grey
RAL 7043
Soft plinth colour - white oyster
RAL 1013
Soft plinth colour - beige
RAL 1015
Soft plinth colour - cacao
RAL 8025
Soft plinth colour - red-brown
RAL 8012
Soft plinth colour - brown
RAL 8028
Soft plinth colour - yellow
RAL 1018
Soft plinth colour - black
RAL 9004
Soft plinth colour - salat
RAL 6034
Soft plinth colour - green
RAL 6017
Soft plinth colour - green-grey
RAL 7009
Soft plinth colour - deep blue
RAL 5017
Soft plinth colour - red
RAL 3031
Soft plinth colour - orange
RAL 2009









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