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Make an order on producing PVC profile.

Plastic plinth of different types and colours-always on the sale

PVC profile used for rigging sport facilities and buildings

Our production is widely used for rigging and provision of necessary facilities of sport objects, it is highly demanded due to its durability, easyness of installation and various ways for using.

Short list of possible usages:

Profiles for hockey grounds

impingement plates and handrail

Handrail  is widely used in installation on the upper side of the ground, а impingement plates protect from damages of lower part of the hockey box. Articles are produced in different colours, which allows to choose the most suitable colour.

panel for hockey grounds

Panel is installed on the sides of the hockey ground and helps to prolonge the service life of the construction. Due to the production from plasticized PVC platband responds to the most strict demands .

Profile for bowling

It is hard to imagine every bowling club without installed profiles. Our production fits for using as impingement plates. Special profile is used like a separator. Flutes are also produced from high quality material.

Roll jalousies for swimming pools
roll jaloiusies

Roll-jalousies  perfectly recommended themselves for installation in the swimming pools, they provide great protection from the dirt, helping the water to stay clean, and also they decrease the heat loss, which allows to save on energy. These articles are extremely topical for opened swimming pools.

  Sledge invasatura
 Invasatura covers  Covers for sledges' invasatura   are oftenly installed on the snowmobiles, they allow to decrease tear-and-wear of metal invasaturas and increase the service life of the equipment.

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