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Make an order on producing PVC profile.

Plastic plinth of different types and colours-always on the sale


Profile used for producing furniture.

Modern furniture manufacture is impossible without using plastic profile. Bordering and junction profiles are especially demanded, protective shockproof profiles and directings for glass are also oftenly used. This profile is so highly demanded because of the possibility to prolong the service life, to make the exterior looking much better and simplify putting the parts together.

Junction profile

Junction, bonding profile

Junction profile is widely used for furniture finishing. It is really profitable to use this profile in producing built-in furniture. It is possible to simplify restoration of old furniture or to give a brand unique look to new one.

Bordering profile

Bordering, edge profile

Bordering profile is very popular in furniture protection. Installing this type of profile on the furniture plate, you are protecting the butt ends and making the appearance better.

Furniture edge

Edge profile, furniture edge Got this profile installed, you can visually round sharp angles of the article, protect lateral surface from cracks and splits and give the finished look to the article.

Directings for glass

Directings for glass

Directings for glass simplify the installation of glass in slots. Usage of the directings prolong the service life of the article, as they exclude friction between the materials.

Handles for office furniture increase its ergonomicity, simplify the usage and makes it look better.


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