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Make an order on producing PVC profile.

Plastic plinth of different types and colours-always on the sale

PVC profile used in commercial and fridge equipment

We offer a wide range of special profiles which are meant to be used in commercial equipment. Using this type of profiles improves the ergonomicity of sales are and prolongs the service life of the equipment. Profiles for fridge and commercial equipment simplify the trading process and pay for themselves.

We offer:
- price holders;
- shockproof profile ( protective profile );
- junction and bordering profile for sheet materials;
- packing;
- polycarbonate protective pipe;

Price holders
Shelve price holders

Price holders are used to be placed right in front of the goods. With a price holder you can easily and quickly place or change the price. This article id produced from transparent PVC and is highly durable.

Protective profile
Shockproof profile Protective profile is used in shops mainly for protection of commercial equipment from damages caused by shopping trolleys. Installation of this profile allows to perceptibly prolong the service life of counters, cash complexes, trolleys, help them to avoid loosing the proper appearance.

Packings are necessary for fridge equipment, they allow to airtight fridge doors. Sealing helps to protect the products from dust and save much on electricity and at the same time it saves the required temeperature.

Bonding profile 
Junction profile

Junction and bordreing profile is widely used to connect sheet materials with each other and for producing commercial equipment. Popularity of this profile is easy to explain with the correspondance to the required demands.

Special profile

Special production

Special profile is used for inner and external surface finishing of fridge and commercial equipment and is produced under the special order.
Also, using standard profiles for production of commercial equipment is important, which are always on the stock.

Polycarbonate pipes

Lamp protection Transparent polycarbonate pipe protects lamps from damages, therefore neither your goods nor your clients will be harmed due to the possible damage of the lamp, which means shivers won't get into the goods.
Polycarbonate pipes for lamp protection

Installation of plugs on the polycarbonate pipes allows to give a finished look to the whole construction. Pipes are produced from high-quality polycarbonate, which guarantees their absolute transparency which means they do not make the light less bright.

Lamp protection Lamp protection is necessary to use in shop glass cases. Using this kind of protection, you are improving the quality of the product, therefore nem customers of the commercial equipment are attracted.

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